Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Update 5: Dealing with my yarn stash

I've been a busy little beaver the last couple of weeks. We're moving out of our apartment in a month, so I have been organizing all kinds of things around the house. My most recent project was the yarn stash. There were a lot of unfinished projects and random balls of yarn. I packed up the random yarn and a few projects, but I took a number of them along on the road trip to work on in the car. So, on to the knitting projects...

Remember this one? I thought this shawl was for me, but then I decided it wasn't for me, it was for Sindy. It looks a lot better on her, so I guess it was meant to be! Sindy gave me a scarf that her mentor made.

While I was on that particular trip to Peru, I visited a delightful yarn shop. Sindy and our translator, Silvia helped me choose yarn for a blanket I had been wanting to make. I went straight to work as soon as I got home. I ran out of pattern, but still had a lot of yarn left over (the yarn was smaller than the pattern called for), so I started experimenting a bit on my own. I was very happy with the result... it's beautiful and soft and warm!

When I was done, I still had quite a bit of yarn left over, so I set about making hats for Elizabeth and Michael for Christmas.

I drew Cat this year in the Olson family Christmas draw, so I made her a purple scarf. Purple is her favorite color.

Not much knitting went on this spring. I had bigger fish to fry with all my arts thesis stuff. Not to mention, I had no projects in a state where I could just sit down and knit. I had a lot of planning to do. That explains this sweater: it sat in a bag for two years when all I had left to do was sew on the arms (my least favorite part), sew in loose ends, and block it, but I just never found the time. Oh well, it's done now! I finished it on a very lovely day sitting on the deck of a vacation home on Gambier Island. :)

We went to Colorado for OMF orientation (more on that soon), and took the opportunity to visit Kelly, Janelle, Elaine, and Elliott! We hadn't seen Kelly and Janelle for 3 1/2 years, which means we had never met either Elaine or Elliott! I brought big sister/little brother hats for them. (Elaine was wearing the yellow sweater I made her in the previous knitting post.)

We have a new nephew! His name is Alexander. I made him a little sweater vest. I designed it myself, and I used the same yarn as our other nephew, Michael's sweater.

I'm still working on the green fisherman sweater which was supposed to be for Keith but it turns out it's going to be for me. It was just too small, especially around the shoulders, even after I restarted it once. I'll try again later with a sweater for Keith. Izumi tells me that there are fabulous yarn shops in Sapporo! I'm definitely looking forward to that.

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