Saturday, November 05, 2005

Sugar Beets: Edible or No?

We received a sugar beet as a gift of sorts from a friend (Kyle) who was driving a beet truck during the harvest. He assured us that there were many old Norwegian recipes that could be found online. So, we took the thing with the intention of serving it to him the next time he visited... Take note: the sugar beet is actually white beneath all the dirt. Have you ever seen one this clean??

Mmm... can't wait to eat it!

We're finding it a little hard to cut through.

Now it's all chopped up and ready to go. All we need is a recipe... nothing on the internet... except a hint that you can use them in place of parsnips...

Woohoo! A wonderful dish of sugar beets (they were supposed to be parsnips), carrots, onions, rosemary, and garlic! Who would have thought it possible? When asked if they would ever eat a sugar beet again, all those polled said a resounding "no." I didn't think it was THAT bad... it was certainly a worthy experiment.