Pray for us

This page is a place for us to share our prayer needs with our supporters, and also for us to witness to God's goodness as he hears our prayers and provides for us. We'll be updating this page frequently.

Looking back, we are thankful...
  • For time with family and friends on our first home assignment (July 11, 2015 - May 23, 2016)
  • For God's strength in the midst of our weakness.
  • For all the progress we have made in this complex language. The more we are able to communicate, the more we are able to deepen our relationships with friends.
  • For our training designation at Wakaba church under Takahashi-sensei (2013-2015), and all the relationships with the church members there.
  • For graduation from Japanese school (February 8, 2013).
  Looking forward, we are hopeful...
  • We are thankful that our designation is finalized!  We will be back at Wakaba Church, and also doing ministry elsewhere: Keith will teach new pastors at Hokkaido Bible Institute and Celia will start a music and arts ministry. Please pray for us as we begin to think about how to balance our responsibilities between church and other ministry. 
  • For our financial support. See our give page for details. 
  • For balance in life, as there are many issues vying for our attention: Japanese study, practicing our instruments, cooking and eating and showing hospitality, spending time with friends, communicating with friends and family in Japan and America, etc. Above all, we do not want to neglect our relationships with God and each other.