Sunday, June 28, 2009

Update 4: Graduation Festivities

Okay, now we've caught up to about 2 months ago. Has it really been 2 months since graduation?? Actually, yes...

The last day of classes, which was also the day of Keith's comprehensive exam (hence the odd apparel--he likes to dress up in various ways for exams, usually like the professor... this time, he threatened to shave his head to dress up like Phil, his adviser, but I told him no, so he did a 3-piece suit and Klompen instead... but I digress...) we held a surprise farewell party for one of our professors, Dr. Clemens, who is retiring. Keith and I had been his TA's in Greek and Hebrew for the past year. We gave him gifts, said nice things, and prayed for him. He has been an inspiration to all his students! Dr. Clemens' comment when all of his students came into the classroom with a cart and drinks was, "Those of you who know me well will know that this is making me very uncomfortable... give me something to parse!" He's a very humble guy, and doesn't like people making a fuss over him. (I kind of hope he doesn't see this.) We will miss him! (Thanks, Roger for the pics!)

There was an end of the year party for school. We're not really party people, but I made Keith go anyway. We ended up sitting at the CRC table... most of the people at the table go to our church. The "Love Crusade" performed old-school Christian rock from the 1980's, complete with appropriate clothing and sound equipment. Good stuff, that.

Graduation weekend was crazy. On Saturday, we went to three parties. One was brunch (at the BullTucker house), the second was lunch (Brazilian BBQ with Carla and her family), and the third was dinner (a BBQ in honor of some different Brazilians--Rene and Sarah). In between, we ate gelato.

On Sunday, my Arts Thesis quartet played for the Graduation Tea.

Monday (April 27) was graduation day. We went to Van Dusen Garden for lunch.

The Arts Thesis trio played for the ceremony. There are lots of pictures of us, since we were sitting right in the front row! In case you were wondering, both of us received Master of Christian Studies degrees. Keith's concentration was Biblical Studies, and mine was Christianity and the Arts. Each of us received 2 prizes. Keith's were in Greek and Old Testament, and mine were in Christianity and the Arts and Hebrew. It was a bit overwhelming... We used the prize money to pay our deposit for our trip to Japan.

On Tuesday, the pressure was off, so we went to bother our friend, Kayoko at work. She made us drinks.

On Wednesday, we had a picnic.

On Thursday, Carla and her parents came over for dinner: North Dakota steak! They told us the "polite" way to kick guests out of your home in Brazil: put the broom behind the door. This has become a running joke.

On Friday, we visited the Nitobe Memorial Garden at UBC.

On Saturday, Keith played with our three broken laptops (not the one in the foreground... thankfully that one still works! It's been a bad year for computers.)

Well, there you have it. We graduated! Hooray!

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