Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Japanese Culture Night Recap

Here's a summary of what we did at our Japanese Culture Night on Saturday...


To make Tonjiru, we had to chop a lot of daikon. (Celia helped in the kitchen on Friday, before she was banned because of illness...)
This is Janet, our head chef, preparing tsukemono (pickles).
Sarah prepares edible decorations for the bento while Maya prepares a mochi dessert.
Maiko assembles the bento boxes.
Akemi also helped with assembling bento boxes.
Granddad folded programs.
Mary Lu arranged the flowers and coordinated the decorations. Gorgeous!!
Preparing for Tea Ceremony! (Celia is keeping her germs to herself.)

The Menu
I included links to some of the recipes, since many are on the internet.

Bento boxes: tempura, tea eggs, tamagoyaki, zarusoba, spicy miso-kochujang potatoes, daikon tsukemono (pickles), rice shapes (not pictured), pretty vegetables, kinpira gobou.
Tonjiru: I received the recipe from Ronna Husby, modified it slightly, and wrote it up as a guest post for my friend's food blog.

Dessert: fruit salad with almond jelly, cheesecake, and mochi

The program

Activities for the kids--spinning tops and origami

There was also a chance to try Japanese calligraphy!

Yukino demonstrated Japanese tea ceremony.

She was assisted by several volunteers from the audience.

Celia played several of her hymn arrangements, and Dad and Keith sang with her... Celia had no voice because of her cold!

In addition to having a fun time learning about Japanese culture and our ministry, the guests donated over $2000 for tsunami relief! Praise God!

Thanks to each one of you who helped! We certainly couldn't have done this alone.

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