Thursday, May 29, 2008

And now... a knitting post!

I finished some projects, and it's been a long time since I posted about knitting... over a year, in fact! Since then, I've been a busy little beaver. Not so much this spring, since I started the term in January with all my projects at a point where they needed a lot of calculations and TLC. That was silly of me. However, I've had some time to work on projects in the last month, and I finished a number of things! So, here we go...

I made Ilene a sparkly red and black shawl for Christmas. It all started when I was shopping for yarn for Colin's blanket, and she was ogling this particular yarn... so Rebecca and I went back secretly and bought it! The shawl was done about last May, but I didn't want to post any pictures until after Christmas, of course!

Then I decided that I liked the pattern so much (not to mention I didn't have enough yarn during our trip to Hawaii to keep me busy), that I made one for myself, with some awesome bamboo yarn I found in Hanalei. It looks like ocean waves, so it's very appropriate for a project started in Hawaii! I finished it today.

Here's an out-of-focus picture of Dad wearing one of his Christmas froggie sox. They weren't quite done yet. I wish I had gotten a closeup on the froggie pattern on the sides.

This doily was a belated wedding gift for Steph and Johannes. I made the same one for Keith for Christmas. It is perfect for keeping various knick-knacks we received as wedding presents from scratching our piano.

I finally finished Michael's sweater and hat! This was supposed to be a birth/baptism present, but now he's 6 months old... and so cute! Luckily it looks like the sweater will fit him well in the fall.

Now some updates... I've gotten pictures of people wearing the projects I made for them!

We had a surprise visit from Alan and Libby and Anna, wearing the hat I made her! Normally they are in New Zealand. Anna loves to take her hat off and swing it around by the tassel. Fabi has one of these hats too (in Germany), but I don't have a picture of him wearing it.

Elizabeth put on her sweater for me when we came to visit last week. She can't wait to learn how to knit and crochet, just like Mommy and Grandma and Aunt Celia... and she loves to help right now! (Note the mess Mommy is untangling...) We call her the little yarn monster.

Elaine wore her sweater starting when she was 3 months old, until she was over a year old!

Leila wore her hat when she went to the pumpkin patch!

I presently have a few projects going: a fisherman sweater for Keith (which I am about to start over, since it's 6 inches too small), a sweater for me, which just needs to be assembled, and there's a baby sweater of my own design, but I don't know who it will be for. Given the rate of childbirth among my friends and relations lately, I doubt it will be without an owner for long!


The Chapman's said...

Hi Celia! Check out our blog! I'm a newbie knitter and am quite jealous of the level at which you can knit!

The Chapman's said...

Hey Celia, Where did you get that pattern for that last hat? I would love to find out! Amelia