Get Involved

We are excited to share with others about our work in Japan. Here are some ways you can get involved and participate with us in bringing the Gospel to the Japanese:

  • Check our prayer page for current prayer needs.
  • Start or join a prayer group to pray for Japan, our work, and the needs of the Japanese church. Let us know if you are interested, and we can provide you with resources to help you pray more effectively.
  • Sign up for our newsletter to keep up to date on our prayer needs (see instructions below).
Sign Up for our Newsletter
In our newsletters, we write about our work, things that challenge us, and the ways we see God working in our lives. Each newsletter includes current prayer needs. There are 3 ways you can sign up:
  • Electronic copy: Send us an email, and request to receive our newsletter as a pdf file via email. Our emails are Keith.A.Olson{at} and Celia.Olson{at} (use @ instead of {at}, we are trying to keep spam bots from copying and pasting our emails). (NB: Emailing us will not sign you up for a paper copy. Follow the instructions below.
  • Paper copy, option 1: We've sent out "yellow cards" with past newsletters. If you have one of these, check the "praying" box, fill in your contact information, and drop it in the mail.
  • Paper copy, option 2: go to the OMF International website. (This page is kind of confusing. The box on the right side that says "Newsletters" in big writing is not at all related to individual missionaries' newsletters.) Scroll down a ways, enter "Keith and Celia Olson" in the box marked "Name of person/family to whom you are committing your support" (and no, "support" does not mean you must give us money), check the box marked "prayer commitment," enter your contact information, and click "submit."
Spread the Word
Please consider helping us out in some of these ways when we are on home assignment:
  • Host us at your church, prayer group, or Bible study group to talk about Japan and the needs of the Japanese church. We love to talk about Japan. We can help you to pray more effectively for the Japanese people, the Japanese church, and the work of OMF International missionaries, including us. You can download this biosketch to use to introduce us to your church or prayer group.
  • Sometimes there are requirements (applications, meeting with the mission board or pastor) for speaking at a church or partnering with a church. Talk to your pastor or mission board and ask what these requirements are.
  • Tell people about our ministry and encourage them to sign up for our prayer letter either by email or mail. OMF International actually prints out and mails our prayer letters for us, so we actually prefer you guys to sign up for the paper copy since it is nicer to receive a physical letter from us and easier to pass it on to someone. If you are super cool or super eager to share our ministry with other people, you can download this PDF, which contains information on signing up for our prayer letters, print it out, cut it up, and keep it in your wallet/purse to hand to anyone who may want to get our update letters.
  • Host a lunch or dinner party for your mission-minded friends. We will entertain all of you with stories about Japan. 
  • Host an event for your church--perhaps a Japanese food and culture night--we can provide a talk about the Japanese church, prayer needs in Japan, our experiences in Japan, etc.
We have 100% pledged support!
We need to have 100% pledged monthly support for our first 5 years before we can leave for Japan, and as of May 9, 2011, we have met the minimum requirements for pledged support. If you would like to support our ministry financially or get more information about giving, please visit our Giving FAQ page.

Help out in "practical" ways
  • Help Celia put together a "show and tell" scrapbook about our experience in Japan. (Celia is really not in to scrapbooking... anyone have expertise and patience in that area?)
  • Keith wants to make a video for our supporters about us and our ministry. Help us with filming and video editing.
  • We think everything we have listed on this page is "practical," so have a look at the other sections too. :)
    Encourage us
    Sometimes we get discouraged because it is hard being away from family and friends when we are in Japan, and it is hard being away from our friends and ministry when we are in the U.S. Send us an email, give us a call, or leave a comment to let us know you read our blog and/or newsletter. Or send us a letter. It's really encouraging to know that people enjoy what we write. We pray for you too, so let us know how you're doing, and send us your prayer requests. :)
    If you want to call us for free, you can click on the Google phone, type in your phone number, and it will actually call you and then call us. Pretty neat, huh? (At this stage in Japan, we don't have a forwarding phone, so unless we're on our gmail account we won't be able to pick up, but PLEASE leave us a message anyways. We love hearing your beautiful voices!)

      Meet Japanese people and learn about Japanese culture
      These are two of the most important things you can do if you want to get excited about God's love for the Japanese people. (It worked for us.) We had so many ideas and resources that we made a separate page for them.

      Learn about OMF International
      This page will be updated as our needs change and as we come up with new ideas and discover new resources. Please check back again soon!