Sunday, June 14, 2009

Update 3: Random stuff this Spring

Here we go again. Another update. We didn't take too many pictures this Spring, since we were busy all the time with schoolwork. But hey, there's a few pictures of that...

Taste of the world. It happens every year... but this year is our last year! The lovely Carla Faria was working on that day (having already finished school anyway), so instead of doing what I usually do (joining forces with the Brazilians), I represented... sigh... my own country. I made Green Bean Casserole. It's my favorite unhealthy-Campbell's-soup-based-Holiday-recipe. (I was so embarrassed--I had to check the box for "contains MSG" on the tag.) I also "dressed to represent" our country as our fearless leader (Eunice) suggested... I went all out with Red Sox garb, complete with red socks. There is a picture on Facebook if you are interested. ;)

Keith "represented" with his full PE uniform stolen from Grand Forks School District. Of course, the usual spam display also made an appearance.

My cello students had starring roles in their school play. Awwwww... The two in the overalls are my students. Student #3 was in the choir. The kids also put on a 3 course dinner! I was impressed...

My birthday, like usual, came right at the end of term. I decided to celebrate by doing nice things for Keith, since he was too busy studying to do anything fun. Here he is marking Greek quizzes, and preparing to eat a bento that I prepared for him.

Then, I went home, and I cooked and cooked and cooked. The result? An impromptu birthday tea party in the atrium at school. Anyone who walked by was welcome to join in and have a piece of chocolate cake.

Yes, it was a crazy semester... see previous update post. Soon, I'll actually get around to posting pics from graduation festivities, and other good stuff. :) Oh, it's so hard to re-integrate to normal life after all that school craziness.

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