Sunday, October 26, 2008

Part 1, coming up!

Part 1 of my IPIAT/"arts thesis" is right around the corner... less than a week to go! Wow, I have a lot to do this week. This first worship service is much less cello-intense than the others will be, but there's still a lot to do, a lot of people to organize, etc. There will be a lot of people involved in this one--4 viols, 4 singers, guitar, harpsichord, and organ! We're sticking with the theme of Reformation-era music... although Calvin would be rolling over in his grave. Genevan Psalms... played on VIOLS??

So, I wanted to give a few details about this worship service. Although my project is on instrumental music in worship, I wanted to start with baby steps in that direction. Thus, instrumental music in this service will be interwoven with hymns, sung psalms, scripture, and times of silence. Also, I would like to help my church learn to worship by listening, by allowing others to pray on their behalf through music, and to pray with them. Basically, I want to have music played as an offering by a small group, without losing the sense of corporate worship. Then in the next several services I will remove more of the words from the service, but for now they stay as a reference point.

Well, I'm looking forward to this! I just hope that I will not be so busy that I can't enjoy it. That can definitely be a problem.

I have posted the invitation, which has dates and details for all 4 worship services! Everyone is welcome to come (and bring friends)! There will be coffee, snacks, and discussion afterwards... and that's also a great time for you to give feedback, since these worship services are somewhat experimental. I hope you can come!

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