Saturday, November 08, 2008

Singing Psalms in the Living Room (and also at church)

Well... everything went off without a hitch! (Let me know if you disagree, because chances are, I will want to hear from you. I'm gathering feedback for my "field research"!) I refer, of course, to Arts Thesis Part I, the All Saints Day service we had at church last Saturday.

Here are a couple of pictures. One highlight in the process was playing and singing Psalms in the living room. Yes, playing and singing at the same time! I have to say, Sarah is very talented. She was singing alto and playing bass. I just was singing and playing the same part... I really think this is just what Calvin intended for at-home Psalm singing. It was so fun! We had 4 viols, harpsichord, and baroque guitar. Mom and Keith came upstairs to sing too. We sounded good. :) Incidentally, this took place on Halloween, so I put on my costume. I guess I was Anne Boleyn. I wonder if she played the viol?

There were a lot of us! That's what I wanted for this part: lots of congregational involvement. I invited people from church, school, and from the local music community to be involved. It did my heart good to have a worship service with viols. :)

The next one will be November 30! That's a Sunday night. Same time and place. This one will be Advent themed, with 19th and 20th century music. There will be less emphasis on congregational singing, but more silence, scripture, and instrumental music (this time, it will be cello and piano stuff). I hope to see you there!

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