Sunday, March 12, 2006

Another project complete...

I completed another knitting project! It took a very long time, since the technique for sewing the pieces together was quite difficult. I also had to learn how to crochet for the edge. There's a matching hat, too. It was a gift for Andrea and Edgar and their new baby, Leila!


ellen said...

hello! got your update email and wanted to say HI. a great friend of mine (david taylor) is the arts pastor at hope chapel in austin, tx and went to regent a few years back.

so it was really fun to hear that that is where you guys are. he only says good things about it.

ellen (flute) johnson

ps - aren't you glad that we don't have to work at Interlochen this summer? hehe

Ceph said...

Hey Stelia!

Thanks for the email update, and the blogsite, I am so stoked that Regent is working out so well for you guys! It sounds like you will be a formidable team! Funny to think that we both ended up at Seminaries? weird! Just so that this comment is pertinent, I just wanted to say well done on the knitting, it looks beautiful.. I miss our knitting days infront of Avengers or Anne of Avonlea...sigh.
Well, take care!


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the blanket and hat (it's even more beautiful in real life)...we keep trying to put the hat on her, but alas, it's still a little big. It was nice to visit with your Mom. Hopefully I'll get to see you soon. Andrea