Sunday, March 12, 2006

Lecture and Concert

Last Tuesday I had the opportunity to give a lecture in one of my classes, The Christian Imagination. This class discusses issues relating to Christian artists. We had not had any discussion of music-related issues (the professor is an actor), so it was good to be able to fill a need. I talked for almost 3 hours about music in the middle ages and the renaissance (thank God for Mass and Motet in the Renaissance class). This was my first time giving a lecture without the text written out word for word, and also my first time to use power point! I brought my viols so people could see, hear, and even try out a renaissance instrument. It went pretty well, and I received a lot of very positive feedback from the class. People seemed very interested in particular in the instruments and in hearing about some of my personal struggles as a Christian musician. This is encouraging, as I may be interested in teaching at a university in the future.

On another note (ha ha), Regent will be getting another dose of early music this Tuesday, when I will be playing a short lunchtime concert as part of the "Offering of the Arts" festivities. I'm playing both my viols (pieces by Hume and Ortiz) and my cello (Bach first suite). I'm hoping that perhaps we can have lunchtime concerts more often than just over 2 weeks in March. There's a lot of really great musicians here, and everyone loves to hear them.

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