Saturday, April 15, 2006

Study break

So, it's almost finals. I realized that I have not put anything on the blog for quite some time (yes, we're still alive, Ilene), so here's a little update. Can you tell I'm procrastinating? Keith and I have 2 finals, one on Tuesday and one on Wednesday. It kind of stinks that we are spending Easter weekend studying. Oh well, at least we are studying about Jesus. So...

We went to North Dakota for Megan and Jeremy's wedding on St. Patrick's day (it was very Irish), and we got to spend lots of time with Keith's family. We had fun in the snow. There is no snow here in Vancouver. It is spring already; there are daffodils and whatnot.

I finished another knitting project! This is one is for Martha. My friends keep having baby girls! It's crazy!

It was my birthday on April 9... I officially became old... I am now able to rent a car without pay $20 extra per day. I spent my birthday weekend in Seattle with Keith and my parents. There was a birthday party with parents, grandparents, and neighbors.

Keith and I spent my actual birthday being sopping wet. We rode our bikes around at the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival, where it was raining heavily. We discovered that the tulip fields were a lot further away than we thought, so we wimped out and took the car...

I played/sang a concert! It was the final project for my History of Music in Ministy class, a demonstration concert with 3000 years of music as used in worship. We had lots of really interesting selections, many of which were composed by the class: Gospel, Chinese worship music, hymns, a reconstruction of temple worship in ancient Israel, a trio sonata by Corelli, and a piece written by a Canadian nun in the Baroque period. I contributed a Kyrie in the style of Palestrina. We had a great time, and it turned out pretty well, especially considering that we only had a month to plan it.

Now, we are cramming for finals with our study group... wish us luck!

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