Sunday, May 07, 2006

A sample of my poetry/photography project

Here's one of my poems from my project and the photograph that went with it. None of the black and white pictures have been scanned yet, so perhaps a few more poems and photographs will show up later. The title art is by my friend, Jane. Just so you know, yes, we did have 27 consecutive days of rain right after we moved here...

Wet shoes, wet socks, wet hair, wet raincoat,
wet pants, wet books, wet bag, wet laptop…
(You’d think I didn’t grow up in Seattle.)
It’s raining again.

For some reason,
the people here
(and I am no different)
have been taught
that umbrellas are for wimps.

I’ve decided,
after weeks of incessant nagging drizzle,
with soggy garments and accessories,
not to mention cold drips down my back,
that I am a wimp.

Therefore I will do
what I have been taught was wrong…
I will carry an umbrella and laugh
from my (relatively) dry comfort
at all those poor, wet machos.

Wet umbrella, dry Celia.

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Anonymous said...

oh gosh that's so cute! i knew you still had some East Coast in you.... :)