Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Soup and BBQ

Now that our apartment is a hospitable place, we can have people over! There are still things to be done (papers to sort, family pictures to hang, and the never ending cleaning chores), but since hanging the pictures, we've had people over for dinner twice!

The first was a pea soup party at the end of April. (Thanks to Jeff and Tara for the inspiration!) The weather cooperated: it poured all day, so people were in the mood to eat nice, hearty soup. We had leftover (frozen) ham from Easter, so that provided for about 15 quarts of soup!! We had 6 quarts leftover to freeze and eat later... we'll be eating pea soup all summer!

On Sunday we had a spur of the moment shish-kebab barbeque. This time it was sunny, so we got to enjoy the use of our seasonal dining room (the yard). Keith and I were meant to be together: I make a killer marinade, and he does a killer job with the grilling!

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