Wednesday, April 26, 2006


We survived! Every last assignment is turned in, every final is finished, and now all we have to do is CATCH UP FROM EVERYTHING WE PUT OFF. This means putting up pictures, organizing shelves, eating, practicing, reading anything that's not for school, paying bills, etc. We also got our bed, finally. It's not like we were sleeping on the floor... we had a mattress, but an actual bed with a beautifully curved headboard is so nice... Seriously, we did nothing but study for the last month.

We went to Galiano Island last weekend to present projects for our Christian Imagination class. Well, that wasn't the only reason. It was a good excuse to go on a retreat. It was also particularly nice to be able to eat really good home cooked food (such as spaghetti with homemade noodles) that someone else (Mary and friends) made. I enjoyed being sort of pampered all weekend, sitting in the sun, admiring the gorgeous scenery. It was like reliving my childhood trips to the San Juan Islands, which are just south of where we were this weekend.

My project was poetry and photography. I therefore had an excuse to play in my darkroom, which I hadn't done since high school. It was very fun. I also took the time to write poems and polish them up a bit. Then I put the whole thing together in an aesthetically pleasing way--pictures and poems in nice mats. My friend, Jane helped me out with beautiful calligraphy for the titles. People seemed to like what I did. That's encouraging. When I was done reading, I displayed my work on the windowsills.

For Keith's project, he recited large portion of the Gospel of John from memory in a story-telling style. He was awesome. I know I couldn't do that... His presentation took place outside on the deck overlooking the water.

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