Friday, August 22, 2014

Ultraman's Photo Diary

There's this funny thing we do at church. It sort of started naturally. There's an Ultraman action figure, which probably came from the toy box upstairs. (Ultraman is a superhero character whom Takahashi-sensei fondly remembers from his childhood.) Somehow, Ultraman started showing up around the church in funny places and in funny poses. I'm actually not sure who started it, and I'm not sure who all is participating... but I started taking pictures. So... Wakaba Church proudly presents "Ultraman's Photo Diary."

Flying above the clock:

Keeping the coat-tree company in the summer months:

Trying on Takahashi-sensei's shoes:

...and as a response perhaps, he was found napping in Keith's shoe later the same day:

Trying to blend in with the office supplies:

Hanging out by the mailboxes:

Climbing the wall:

Riding an interesting vehicle:

Relaxing on the bookshelf with a Bible and a bunch of bananas:

Protecting the sanctuary from bad guys:

"Takeishi-san, don't forget your CD!"

In the genkan (entryway): "Welcome to Wakaba!"

To be continued...

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