Saturday, August 14, 2010

Carla and Arnaldo's Wedding

The day of the wedding. Carla was at the salon being pampered. Meanwhile...

Carla's daddy was warming up and choosing a perfect reed for the wedding.
Celia was making a last-minute effort to finish the wedding present (still not done).
Arnaldo was being very helpful by doing the dishes after lunch.
Fast-forward a few hours...

Celia and Rebecca and Connie went to the salon too for hair and makeup. (I don't think I've ever worn so much makeup, but everyone said it was appropriate for a Brazilian wedding!) By the way, that is my high school prom dress from 11 years ago. Feeling proud of myself. I was also feeling proud of myself since I helped assemble all the little favor boxes on the table there.
Then the wedding ceremony happened, but I was busy watching, so I didn't take any pictures. Afterwards...

Carla and her family
Angelica and Carla
Here's our little group from Vancouver. Connie (next to me) was also a witness and Rebecca (on the end) translated for us. It was her first time doing simultaneous translation, and she did a great job!
When's dinner? It's almost midnight! (note: this is normal.)
Tossing the bouquet...
After most of the guests have left, Carla sits down for the first time in several hours at the "English Table."
It's been fun! Now we're ready to go home and sleep... for 2 hours before we need to get up and catch our flight to Fortaleza!

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