Monday, August 09, 2010

Brazilian BBQ

Greetings from Brazil!

Keith and I have been enjoying the hospitality of our friend, Carla and her family. We are in Brazil to witness Carla and Arnaldo's wedding, which happened last Saturday. But first things first...

As soon as we got to Brazil, we celebrated by having homemade Brazilian BBQ! Carla's dad, José was eager to show us how to make it, starting with the proper preparation of the coals. Of course we don't have an awesome grill-oven in our backyard, so it won't be the same. I have never had such perfectly grilled meat! This kind of oven would be great for pizza or bread, too. (Hint hint, Dad! Want to make one? :)

Okay, so I'm using Keith's ancient mac, and I can't quite figure out how to rotate the picture. So, everyone tilt your heads to the left... sorry!

More posts coming soon. I might actually post some recipes later, as this trip has been full of culinary delights, especially the ones we have enjoyed at Carla's house. :)

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