Monday, March 08, 2010

Japanese Culture Day

Definitely had a good day today. Among other things, we played dress up in kimonos, did Japanese tea ceremony, and practiced calligraphy. I love this place. I'll keep the commentary to a minimum, so just enjoy the pictures.

Getting into a kimono is no walk in the park. I just stood there while Keiko-san and Kaori-san put it on my. The only part I could do myself was the undergarments...

 The obi is tied in a special bow. The one Keiko-san is wearing is more standard.


Ellen, who is currently our housemate, played dress up too. :)

 Many hands make light work?

In the case of men's kimonos, the most decorative part is on the inside. Is that like wearing the underwear with the little rocket ships?

Getting Keith dressed took less than half the time.

Mikiko-san and Yuugo-kun came to join us for calligraphy practice and tea.

Learning to write the character for love

I kept trying to hold the brush like a western calligraphy pen.

And Yuugo-kun was doing his own thing.

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