Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Guest post on Delicious Bytes

My friend, who is known on the web as "Baroque Diva," asked me to write a guest post on Japanese food for her blog, "Delicious Bytes." Without naming names, that would be this person:

(Ancient history... that picture is almost 7 years old!)

"Baroque Diva" writes about food and life in Boston and wherever her performance schedule takes her (she's an opera singer). Go check it out--you can also read about how I met this amazing person! :)

I decided to write about Tonjiru (豚汁), a hearty miso soup with root vegetables and pork. I originally received the recipe from Ronna Husby, who was my preschool teacher, and who now lives in Tokyo! (I get to see her in April, yay!) I incorporated some of my own ideas, too--I usually do when I'm cooking. Here's a picture to whet your appetite:

This recipe is the honorable mention for the recipe contest I announced in our September newsletter. Congratulations, Ronna... and thanks! The first place recipe (Tora's Hot and Sour Soup) is coming soon!


Baroque Diva said...

Yay! Fabulous DB post! I think we should plan on another one sometime, too! Maybe after you're back in Canada and miss all things Japanese. Wow, I remember those old eye glasses of mine... awwww, look at us, having lunch at Atlantic Fish Company! :) My Mom really liked reading your post! xoxo!

Tim and Susan said...

Hi, It was fun to see all your pictures since I haven't read your blog for awhile...and recognized Osaka's sushi shop and Kaori and Kiyoko too at the Lighthouse. Fun. Sorry to miss meeting you. Hope you can return to Japan soon!