Sunday, May 10, 2009

New Blog

I've just been on a roll lately. Not only is this the third post this month on THIS blog, but I started a new one too! If you are interested in the work I've been doing for my arts thesis, I'm going to be writing a series of articles/posts/whatever related to the topic of instrumental music in worship. Eventually I will branch out into other topics--I'm guessing working in worship ministry with Japanese churches will provide me with ample food for thought and comment (yay, so excited!!)

The aim is to develop a bunch of material for a potential book on the subject of instrumental music in worship. In the process of writing my arts thesis paper, I already had far more ideas and material than I could write about in the time and space allotted. I really think this is an important topic; the responses of the participants in each of the worship services suggested that there was a great need for silent, contemplative prayer, to foster the disciplines of stillness and listening. We live in a noisy, busy world, so we desperately need to be silent before God.

I'll still be posting on this blog. This is our "personal blog" (I say "our" even though Keith has never posted anything... ha ha), so we'll keep posting our stories, pictures, concert announcements, etc. here. I still have several more update posts to do before I'm caught up... :)

So, the new blog:
Please visit, comment, and share it with any friends you think would be interested!

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