Monday, May 26, 2008


What a contrast... in less than a week, we traveled from Hawaii to the Badlands of North Dakota... from the center of the Pacific Ocean to the center or North America! We're on a road trip, and one of the stops was Teddy Roosevelt National Park. We found bison as soon as we reached the campground. They were entirely unperturbed by our presence there. We laughed as we read the signs that said we were to stay at least 100 yards away from them... that was impossible anywhere in the campground. They approached us!

We drove around the scenic loop, with frequent stops.

At night, after dinner, roasting marshmallow peeps was the thing to do.

We went on a hike, which took us through about 3 enormous prairie dog towns! We enjoyed seeing the crazy rock formations and hills at a slow pace. It was absolutely silent except for the wind and the barking of the prairie dogs. We saw no other people.

That night we watched the sunset from Buck Hill overlook. There were bison there too. It was very windy.

On the way to Grand Forks, it seemed fitting to stop and visit the World's Largest Buffalo in Jamestown, ND. This picture is for you, Joe Ellis.

More pictures soon of fun times with the fam...

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Anonymous said...

You took some beautiful pictures and it makes me want to visit there sometime. Mom