Saturday, January 13, 2007

Back to school again

When people ask us what we did over Christmas break, I usually explain that we spent the break hibernating. That's pretty much the case, if "hibernating" refers to "not doing anything remotely like schoolwork." (Ahhhhh...) It also means "sitting on our butts on the couch." This included various activities, including the playing of Pinochle, the watching of movies, the making of various things (see pics below), and the reading of non-school-related books.

It appears that we picked good classes, so the semester should be enjoyable, if busy. Both of us will be taking Systematic Theology, continuing in our language studies (Keith is taking Greek and Celia is taking Hebrew), Celia is taking a book study on Romans, and Keith is taking Church History.

We celebrated the new year in the typical fashion with the Gardners, although the pot and pan "band" continued to play for about 15 minutes, provoking my father, who was at home, to come out on the deck and add to the racket with his trombone.

Keith helped clean up the chocolate fountain.

I learned to crochet with the help of Keith's mommy and sisters, and completed an entire blanket, which I gave to my brother.

I made pillows for both of our mommies. I used scraps from the quilt I made for Keith.

Keith's special project was to make a bookshelf to house our new set of the writings of the church fathers. It lives under our piano.

I made a pair of mittens for my friend, Carla. This was my first try at making my own pattern (other than scarves, but those don't count). They turned out pretty well!

I had planned to post pictures of this project a long time ago, but never did it. It's a little hat for Fabian, Helga and Rene's new baby.

Here I am trying to wear the hat.

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