Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Our Christmas "exploits" so far

Merry Christmas! Here's what we've been doing since we finished finals. (We survived!)

Now that Carla has taught me so many wonderful Brazilian dishes, I taught her one of the best recipes from my heritage: Cardamom bread!! We made a party of it; it's much more fun to make bread in a group.

We decorated a whole bunch of gingerbread cookies with the kids upstairs. We made a special plate of penguins for Heather.

My parents lost power for 8 days, so we decorated the tree in the dark (tree lights powered by the generator). How romantic! (or something)

Colin couldn't be there for the tree decorating, but he was there in spirit (that is, Dad scanned a picture from one of the ornaments and photoshopped him in...) The next morning, off we went to Iowa!

We made a special cookbook for Keith's mommy with our favorite recipes, many of which we got from friends and family.

Favorite gifts? Keith's mommy made all of us blankets! The whole family was here this year: Joseph, Catherine, Keith, Celia, Rebecca, Nate, Sarah (and Baby Sweet), and Chris. Ilene took the picture, and Tim was off doing something else.

Nate prepares to bring his Christmas gifts home. No, you can't have the dog.

Christmas will keep right on going when we're back in Seattle with Celia's family on December 30!

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