Saturday, September 02, 2006

Finished Projects

Keith and I had a very busy summer, but we managed to do some fun things too. This week, we each completed a big project! Keith made a bedside table with my dad in his wood shop, and I knit a sweater for Janelle and Kelly's baby, Elaine! As I write this, the patio is being paved... and I'm still working on the quilt I promised Keith for his graduation last December! More news to come...

The bedside table (gorgeous cherry!):

The table in its place on Keith's side of the bed:

Sweater, front view:

Sweater, back view:

1 comment:

Kelly and Janelle said...

Hey Celia,
We've received the lovely sweater you've knitted for baby Elaine and a cute outfit from your parents too. They were SO adorable!! We'll have her try it on soon.
I'll be sending baby announcement to you and your parents. Check your mailbox in the near future!