Tuesday, August 29, 2006

All Summer Long

So... the last time I updated this blog was in May... I had a lot of free time in May. The rest of the summer was pretty busy. Keith took 7 credits and I took 5. Honest, I'll try to do better! Some of the highlights:
  • Keith enjoyed his youth ministry class very much.
  • We had visits from Kyle and Melissa, Colin, and Keith's parents.
  • Keith also memorized and performed more of the Gospel of John for "Word by Heart" class.
  • I (gasp) PREACHED at our church on Romans 7... oddly enough, on our anniversary...
  • We visited Keith's family and friends in the midwest. We visited Keith's grandparents (and I met them for the first time), saw Sarah and Nate's new house, and attended a wedding.
  • I played my viola da gamba at the Viola da Gamba Society of America Conclave in Northfield, MN. I met lots of cool people and played lots of cool music. Meanwhile, Keith hung out with his family in Fort Dodge, IA.
  • I attended another workshop in Seattle, where I played cello and viola da gamba for 17th century opera scenes. While I did this, Keith made a bedside table with my dad!
  • Oh by the way, while I was attending the conference, I was hard at work in my free time writing a paper on the use of instrumental music in worship. While it really cut into the time I would have liked to spend with the people at the workshop, I am really proud of it! If you're interested, let me know and I'll email it to you!
And some pictures...

It's time for a party! We had a Brazilian Barbeque. Our friend, Carla showed us what to do.

Cathy and I helped with the dessert. Mmmm... chocolate!

It was Carla's first time making Brazilian Barbeque. In Brazil the boys do it, but in Canada, we are liberated women!

We finished up the evening with some amazing coffee!

Keith dug a big, big hole that is going to be our patio!

Colin graduated from the UW, but didn't go to graduation, so we dressed him appropriately and marched him around the house to appropriate music.

We hung out in Seattle with Kyle and Melissa.

We made Colin shave off his beard (for the second time) to receive our donation towards his trip to China... here he is with half a beard and half a mustache!

I attended a world cup game at a Brazilian restaurant. We all had to watch outside on the sidewalk because there wasn't room inside... it was a crazy party!!

We spent our anniversary in Van Dusen Gardens, where we admired some ducks and got attacked by bees...

... and Keith made pizza for dinner!

We visited Keith's grandparents, George and Bernice.

Keith and Nate and I had fun at "Storybook Land," the big attraction of Aberdeen, SD.

Here I am performing a piece by Orlando Gibbons at the Conclave. It was my first time performing on treble viol!

I made pie with blackberries from our yard!

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Anonymous said...

Nice, Celia. I am SO SAD I missed Conclave.

I bought a 7-string bass, by the way. Yippee! Now I am a real viol player.