Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Ultraman's Photo Diary, part 2

Hello, everyone! Lately we've been having multiple Christmas events each weekend, making posting during the weekend a major challenge. So, I'm going to turn this week's post over to Ultraman, so he can fill you in on what he's been up to recently.

"Greetings, earthlings. It's been awhile. As you will see, the last few months have been very eventful. First, I made a new friend. We hung out quite a bit in September. 

Then for awhile, I went undercover on a secret mission. I can't tell you where I was, because it might put you in danger. But then something went wrong, and my memories are kind of fuzzy for a bit. When I came to, I was napping on the couch with this kid. I guess he rescued me?

I think my aura grew, though. Suffering builds character, I guess.

Then I was playing with some other kids, and there was a terrible accident...

Oh no! Will Ultraman ever walk again??

But never fear, I was hospitalized (at Keith and Celia's house) where my severed foot was carefully re-attached. (With superglue.) I'd better be careful for awhile, though.

So, for post-accident rehabilitation, I started with a healthy bowl of onion dip.

Then some push-ups (while also getting some spiritual nourishment)...

... and Christmas Tree climbing, of course.

While I was at it, I checked out some of the other Christmas decorations around church.

I also checked out some of the news from while I was gone.

Walking still isn't completely back to normal...

Despite being injured, I am still finding opportunities to help others.

I helped blow up some balloons to get ready for a Christmas party.

Well, that's about it for now! See you next time, and have a merry Christmas!"


p.s. Fun trivia: the plural of Ultraman is not "Ultramen;" rather, it is "Ultramans." There you have it.

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