Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Walking Looking Up

明けましておめでとうございます (Happy New Year!)

新春を迎え皆様の御健康と御多幸をお祈り申し上げます (Praying for everyone’s health and happiness as we welcome the coming Spring)

It’s Wednesday, not Friday, but today is the day I feel like writing. It’s been awhile; I’ve been lazing about in the kotatsu following Christmas craziness, and the last couple of days I’ve been making Osechi. I’ll probably post pictures later of all of that stuff.

It’s already New Year’s Day in Japan. As I was looking out the window this morning at a beautiful sunrise, thinking about my hopes for the new year, I remembered the first line of a song I like: 上を向いて歩こう(Ue o muite arukou—I’ll walk looking up). In the context of the song, “looking up” is intended to hide one’s tears and act strong, but for me, “walking looking up” would mean something more like not getting buried in my own fears and stress but rather keeping my eyes fixed on Jesus. Maybe at first I’ll be trying to hide my tears, but there’s no need to act strong, since Jesus is the source of my strength. There’s lots of things I’m hoping for the new year, but I think that one is the most important.

Off I go to pack things into Osechi boxes. I got too tired last night.

... and done!

Top layer: 黒豆 (black beans), 栗きんとん (mashed sweet potato with chestnuts), かまぼこ (fish cake), 岩石卵 ("rock" eggs), だて巻き (spiral eggs), 田作り (stewed tiny fish)

Middle layer: ごぼうの肉巻き (Burdock root wrapped in beef), なます (pickled daikon and carrot--from our garden!), 鶏の松かさ焼き (chicken dumplings), ぶりの若葉焼き (Grilled buri fish with daikon greens), あけぼのりんごかん (Apple jelly), 菊花かぶ (Chrysanthemum turnips)

Bottom layer: 昆布巻き (salmon wrapped in kombu seaweed), 煮物 (stewed vegetables, tofu, and konnyaku)

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