Saturday, November 30, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving, a few days late. We had our feast last night (Friday).

I had good intentions of doing a "Friday post" this week, but events-at-church happened, among other things. To be fair, one of the events happened at our house. The youth group came over this afternoon and decorated our Christmas tree. We also watched a movie and ate turkey soup and pumpkin (kabocha) pie... and everyone helped Keith with some yard clean up (i.e. they burned stuff in the driveway). It was pretty fun. But we had to rearrange the furniture yesterday to make room for the tree, so no time for writing. Enjoy some pictures instead!

p.s. If you're desperate to read a "Japanese culture" post and a cute picture of all of us in the kotatsu with mikan isn't enough, please see Keith's reflection about our study of tea ceremony in our latest newsletter. :)

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