Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Have I mentioned lately that I love Hokkaido? The people, the food, the scenery... there's just so much to love. Right now it's autumn, and the view from our apartment is mountains covered with orange trees... the larches are starting to turn!

Recently we had family vacation to Daisetsuzan National Park with my parents; I recently changed our background picture to a photo from that trip. Here are a few favorites:

I love Hokkaido... and Hokkaido's trees!
With the family in Tenninkyo (天人峡)

The yellow trees are Katsura, one of my new favorite trees!
On the other side of the park at Sounkyo (層雲峡)
I love the mixture of color and texture in a Hokkaido hillside!
Snow has already come to higher elevations! In the background is Asahidake (旭岳), the highest point in Hokkaido. Mom has big plans to come back for more hiking in the summer!
Husband and Wife lakes. (I am not making this up.)

I also went to Iwate prefecture in Honshu for relief work last weekend, and we had a chance on Sunday afternoon to visit some beautiful places. The area in which OMF is working (Miyako, Yamada, and Kamaishi) is in and around the Rikuchū Kaigan National Park. Our colleagues there have lots of hiking options for their days off. :)

Coastal red pines are some of my favorite trees!

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