Friday, September 17, 2010

Update Post 1: Time with Keith's family in May (cute pictures of kids)

June was really busy, so we didn't manage to get many cute pictures of our nieces and nephews up on the blog, but they are really cute, and we're really proud of them, so here's some pictures from our trip to Florida in May.

This is Alexander, who turned 1 in June, with his mom, Sarah. Yes, that is an onigiri that he is eating. I got the whole family hooked on them. :)

Michael and Grandpa: it would be best to take the shirt seriously.

So cute... so messy... so glad I didn't have to clean up after him...

We surreptitiously got this shot of Keith's parents walking to the pool...

Here we are at the Magic Kingdom with Elizabeth, our "fairy god-daughter."

It was hot. We stayed cool with this umbrella... which attracted stares and catcalls. Weird. I guess people in Florida don't know how nice the shade is.

It was a long line... but Michael was having a good time with Daddy.

 It's a small world...

...and this is what Japan looked like back in the 1960s when the ride was built.

Needless to say, the kids got tired.

Meanwhile, Keith and Nate got into some trouble.

Back in North Dakota, we hung out over at Joseph and Catherine's house. Ali hung out on the lawn with the dogs.

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