Friday, January 01, 2010

Happy New Year! 新年おめでとうございます!


Happy New Year!

Here in Japan, people send New Year's cards rather than Christmas cards. We probably should have sent them through the mail, but we couldn't find anyone's address. Well, we have lots of addresses, but only for people in other countries who don't take part in this tradition.

Since we ran out of time to ask people for addresses, and since we thought those of you in other parts of the world would enjoy this, here is our special homemade greeting. Keith did the picture and I did the the writing. It's the year of the tiger, hence the tiger in the picture. And if you don't recognize the shape on which the tiger is standing, that would be the island of Hokkaido. I hope you enjoy it.

The greeting reads:
New year's congratulations
This year, please continue your good favor towards me
Praying for everyone's good health
New Year's morning, 2010

We are praying, dear friends and family, not only for your good health, but also that this would be a year full of God's blessings for you in every way.

Love, Keith and Celia

p.s. "2009 in recap" post is coming... but right now my parents are here, and I'm playing a concert on Sunday, so I'm a little busy...

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