Saturday, July 25, 2009

4 more days! For real this time, we hope.

Just a quick update... as I will be put to work as soon as Keith gets up (it's moving day). We received our certificates of eligibility yesterday (this is the preliminary document from the Japanese government which enables us to apply for our work visas), and what followed was a whirlwind of activity in which we hurriedly filled in visa applications, picked up a lunch guest (the documents arrived 45 minutes before we were supposed to have lunch with some friends), got passport photos taken, picked up the other lunch guest, ate lunch, ditched the lunch guests and went to the consulate, applied for the visa, went home to drop Keith off for another social engagement, and then I rejoined our lunch guests at Van Dusen Gardens for the rest of the afternoon... it was a crazy day, and I didn't even mention the frenzy of packing that happened all evening.

To summarize the immigration document drama, we had been waiting for a certificate of eligibility, but there had been a delay. We thought we would need to change our flight. We still might, if there are delays processing our visa, but barring no further problems, we will be picking up our passports with visas inside at the Japanese consulate on Wednesday morning... then we will go straight to the airport! I wanted to take a picture of myself holding the claim slip with the date "July 29" written on it, but I didn't get to it yesterday, and right now I'm in my pajamas. Please keep praying for our visas to be ready on time! We will know for sure on Tuesday morning.

As I mentioned, we are moving out today. There's still quite a bit of stuff left to pack, but much of it is "last minute" stuff which we will need until Tuesday. Luckily the storage place is fairly close. Keith has a couple of friends from church to help him. Meanwhile, while they go off to unload the truck, I will be preparing the house for our party!

This has all been very rambling... I'll try to be more coherent in the future. ;) I've got a lot on my mind...

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