Saturday, March 01, 2008

Just an update.

Hi! I realized that I have not posted for a long time... Ilene probably thinks we're dead. We are not. We are just students, that's all. I wanted to do the "update" post today, since later today is "Taste of the World," and undoubtedly there will be pictures and stories to post.

So, what's up with us? School! I'm taking Hebrew and Exegesis this term. I've been busy translating lots of things from Hebrew to English, and it's a lot of fun! This is what I came here to do! During a moment of insanity on Wednesday, I thought maybe I would get an Old Testament degree when I'm done with my current degree... then I realized I would need three semesters of systematic theology. Never mind... I've been working with Psalm 2 for Exegesis class, and I'm really enjoying it. I just finished writing my proposal for my thesis! The end is in sight! I'll be writing on the use of instrumental music in worship, and preparing a series of worship services.

Keith is taking Greek, Hebrew, and a seminar on the book of Acts. He's done with his seminar paper, so he thinks he can coast until the end of the term (ha ha). He's also teaching a Latin class for interested students at our school.

I wanted to post some pictures a while ago. We went to North Dakota in January to visit the family and attend our nephew, Michael's baptism. He was born the day after we left on our last visit... They poured water on his head in the usual manner, and he cooed and smiled. It was very sweet. Most babies scream. Here he is at that moment with his godparents, James and Terry.

And here's the family. Both sides. EVERYONE was there.

Afterwards, Keith was holding Elizabeth, our niece, and she... um... urped. Keith found it amusing.

Anyway, I'll post more soon. There hasn't been much news. We get together with friends and talk about school. Very exciting.

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tess said...

"Let us break their bonds asunder, let us break!! And cast away their yokes from us!!" Hee hee, just a little Messiah moment for you during your studies! I'm not going to attempt to sing the preceding bass aria.... :)