Tuesday, November 06, 2007

New Work


Guess what? I have a JOB!! Two of them, actually.

First, owing to the fact that one of our pastors is on maternity leave (and the other pastor is her husband), I am now the worship intern at our church! This means I get to plan our worship services, and schedule and work with musicians who play for the services. It is exciting, challenging, humbling work, and I really enjoy it. Last Sunday we celebrated All Saint's Day with Genevan Psalms, sung by choir and congregation, and played by Keith, Dad, and I on organ, baroque guitar, and viola da gamba. Mom joined the choir for the occasion. It was a lot of hard work, and I learned a lot from the process.

Second, I'm teaching cello in an inner-city music school. It's a class of three students, co-taught with Catriona, a friend from school. This is also a learning experience, as I have hardly taught before, and never more than one student at a time. Click here to see an article about the program... and a picture of Nepewisk and Mercy, two of my adorable students!

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