Friday, December 23, 2005

Christmas Letter

Greetings, friends! Several important pieces of news:
1. Keith gave his final presentation on Wagner's Parsifal on Thursday. He worked really hard, and I have to say that the highlight of the presentation were Keith's fantastic MS Paint drawings of the plot of Parsifal.
2. Keith graduated last Friday, on December 16!! Yay! He didn't actually attend graduation, since we didn't feel like making all our friends and family sit and be bored for several hours.
3. We moved out of our apartment in Grand Forks. We're spending Christmas with Keith's family, then we'll be with my family for a few days, then we move into our new apartment in Vancouver, BC! Of course, this means we have a new address that I'm not going to post here, but if you want it, email me. Our permanent US address is my parents' address in Washington. We still have our cell phones, but we'll have a new phone number in the beginning of January.
4. In January, we're starting at Regent College where both of us (not just Keith) will be studying Theology.
5. We wrote a Christmas letter this year! We hope you enjoy it. Please click on each page to enlarge and read. Merry Christmas!

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